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Where to start as a Web Developer.

Some of my friends are starting right now in the IT world and asked me for some advice on new technologies an so forth. I am tired of explaining the same steps on and on so I decided to write this post. In advance I will say in my behalf that this is my humble opinion, and I am just another Senior Developer, so don't take me so serious :P

Step 1: Learn JavaScript

In a conference I attended at the UPV a Microsoft Evangelist said the following...

What!? You don't know that? JavaScript is the language of the future!

Time is starting to prove this statement, as the Web continues to grow and the amount of new frameworks and amazing stuff that comes out orbits around the JS world.


Some really good resources I would recommend are at JavaScript.com and CodeSchool has a lot of great courses for different levels, you can start by the first, it's free ;)

Step 2: Look up at StackOverflow

This website almost literally saved my life so many times I can't remember, as you can see, I am a big fan! Now, seriously, if you have some severe and also basic questions, StackOverflow is the right place to ask, I have never waited more than 1 day to have back right the answer that I needed.


Step 3: Use JSFiddle

Once you know the javascript basics and want to do some tests, forget about creating eons of endless html and js files, JSFiddle ended long ago that suffering. This amazing sandbox website allows you to execute and try any code you want and even lets you try the latest frameworks and technologies related to javascript, absolutely awesome! :D


Step 4: Learn NoSQL

Knowing a programming language it's fine, but you will always end up needing a database to store the data, and queries to that database to get the data out. Here is where SQL comes in. This database language has been used by decades and it's widely spread arround the world, it is worth having some skill with it but, in my opinion, the future are the NoSQL databases.

NoSQL Stands For "Not Only SQL"

So, if want to learn for the future, instead of learning just the SQL way, learn NoSQL, it is incredibly powerfull, fast and thought for working with billions of records, something impossible for the relation-based database engines SQL was made for. BTW, my favourite NoSQL database is MongoDB ^_^


Step 5: Learn Git & Use GitHub

Once you are a JavaScript and a DataBase Master, you will realize that you need to work with other people too so, you will need a Version Control Software to keep track of the changes you made to the code, share this changes and talk about them with your paws. That was the reason why git was created.

Git initially was a command-line tool that helps you with some easy-to-learn commands (there are also GUI's version of git, but the console is always more pro :P) to do all the things we just mentioned.

If you combine Git with GitHub, which is a social network for developers and where all the big projects are stored, you will have a powerful tool that will teach you to collaborate with other developers and to be a worth-for-everything Web Developer :)


FYI: if you are a developer, and you are not at GitHub, you don't exist!

This is where my little explanation ends, hope it helps you just as much as it helped me and that you enjoy what you learn from now on. Happy Code!

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